Q: Where do I get the Thrive App?
Thrive app is available from the Apple App Store or the Google Play site. When searching for the right app, look for the logo above (Thrive: Good Food, Fast).

Q: How do I start ordering?
A: Before using the app, you will need to register your information and enter your payment method.

Q: Is it important for me to add my phone number and email address?
A: At the minimum, guests should enter their mobile device number. This allows the app to send you notifications that your order has been received, is in process, and ready for pick-up.

Q: Why are there different locations?
A: Thrive is a Compass dedicated application. Any Compass account using the Thrive app within your vicinity will appear as a location. Select or search for ‘Disney Studios’ to access locations available for mobile ordering. Once you select ‘Disney Studios’, this will become your default location every time you use the app.

Q: The location I have selected shows ‘Mobile Ordering Not Available’, what does that mean?
A: This message will appear if the location you are trying to order from has closed for the day.

Q: I noticed that the order of the location on the app changes, what does that mean?
A: After a location closes for the day (GC3 Café at 2:00 p.m.), only the remaining locations that are still open (BV Café at 2:30pm) will be on top and the locations that are closed are on the bottom.

Q: What are ‘modifiers’?
A: Modifiers provide the guest options to customize their orders. Example: type of cheese, bread, protein etc.

Q: I have placed my order but my order with modifiers will not go through, why?
A: Modifiers have ‘optional’ and ‘required’ entries. Please make sure to scroll through the modifiers to ensure that all ‘required’ modifiers are selected based on your choice. Once your order is complete, the ‘Place Order’ button will be activated.

Q: When can I pick up my order?
A: The app will allow you to designate your pick-up time for your order during normal business hours. However, the app automatically informs the guests if their order falls within 10 minutes of when the location closes.
BV Café and GC3 Breakfast – 10:05 a.m. last order time.
BV Café Lunch – 1:50 p.m. last order time.
GC3 Lunch – 1:50 p.m. last order time.

Q: Where do I pick-up my order?
A: Food orders for the café will have clear signage on where ‘Mobile Order Pick-Up’ stations will be located.

Q: How can we place a mobile order for Starbucks?
A: Please download the Starbucks App for full functionality (available for FGW, GC3, Riverside, WDI and Burbank Center Starbucks locations).

Q: I have additional questions not covered in this FAQ.
A: Please call: Branden Vendiola (808) 457-9378 or email at